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The Glenholme School’s Summer Program

Now Accepting Applications

Educating students from around the world since 1968, The Glenholme School provides a positive, motivational program designed to help young people with high functioning autism spectrum disorders (ASD), compulsive behaviors, depression, anxiety, and various learning differences build competence academically and socially.

Glenholme’s summer program gives students a unique enrichment opportunity with morning academics and dedicated social instruction in the afternoons through a wide variety of recreational and therapeutic activities. Students find acceptance in this nurturing environment that pairs a positive living philosophy with a clear set of values to foster enthusiastic participation, improved self-confidence, and success.

The individualized program utilizes principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to help students accomplish their goals and meet their needs in a socially acceptable manner, while building upon their unique strengths, talents and interests. Assessment services are available and may include functional behavior analysis (FBA), behavior support plan, and social skills assessments, as well as a treatment summary.


It’s Summer! When there is ample time for education and recreation. The experienced faculty at Glenholme provide learning in unique, motivational and fun activities emphasizing social skills development. A selection of afternoon activities may include:
* Performing Arts * Basketball * Arts & Crafts
* Improv Workshops * Frisbee Golf * Rope Course
* Volleyball * Golf * Community Service
* Dance * Horseback Riding * Cooking
* Music * Paddle Tennis * Field Trips
* Movie Club * Physical Fitness * Tennis
* Recording Studio * Soccer * Go Karts
* Singing * Softball * Lego Room
* Yoga * Swimming * Robotics

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Now Accepting Applications
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